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my name is sascha steinhoff and this is my lean but nonetheless very official homepage. i am an it-journalist with german roots, now living in denmark. after the dotcom bubble burst in 2003 i left germany for a job in ireland. working abroad was fun and highly interesting, consequently i put some more countries on my bucket list after. have been working in bavaria (no, bavaria is not a part of germany!), thailand and malaysia before i moved to denmark.

i have a solid background in information technology and a passion for fact-based journalism. my main focus lies on software testing, content management, databases and any kind of information gathering in digital and analog media.

currently i am studying in denmark, rounding up my it-skills. i am living in the beautiful city of kolding, close to the fjord with a gorgeous view. apart from the view: denmark is a small country but they are able to provide amenities that are hard to get in the so called high-tech nation of germany. among others these are fast internet at almost any place, good mobile phone coverage, a widely functionable digital administration and overall working pension and social systems. so all in all a good place to work and live.

my latest plaything is a scientific database about snakes, conveniently called the snakedatabase. the aim of this project is to collect rich datasets about snake taxonomy, morphology, toxicity and distribution.

the snakedatabase is complemented by snakeID.online, which provides user-friendly interface for simplified snake identification worldwide. which i consider beneficial to the public as >100,000 people die each year from snake bite. snakeID is the first application with global coverage which allows users to look up snakes and filter them for morphological features with just a few clicks.

whoever you are: have a happy and fruitful day!


p.s. 4.72 kbyte for the whole page, this is not an accident

my websites
find-a-scanservice.de (classified directory for scanning services)
snakedatabase.org (a scientific snake database)
snakeID.online (a userfriendly interface for the data of the snake database)

my books
Windows Sicherheit intern (Data Becker)
Digitalisieren von Dias und Negativen (dpunkt) Download DVD
Scanning Negatives and Slides (rockynook) Download DVD
The VueScan Bible (rockynook)

Sascha Steinhoff
Klovervej 44, Apartment 3.324
6000 Kolding, Denmark