hello world,

my name is sascha steinhoff and that's is my lean but nonetheless very official homepage. i am a tech-journalist, working for a media company in hannover. if you want to get in touch, a simple mail is the perfect way to do so.

my latest website is a database about snakes, conveniently called the snakedatabase. this project is mainly based on MYSQL and PHP. the aim of this project is to provide a fully searchable dataset that simplifies snake identification worldwide. the website ist still experimental, but the LD50 list is already more comprehensible than any other source in the web. check our reference snake, the king cobra to get an impression how it will look one day.

whoever you are: have a happy and fruitful day!


p.s. 4.35 kbyte for the whole page, this is not an accident

my websites
find-a-scanservice.de (classified directory for scanning services)
snakedatabase.org (a snake database)

my books
Windows Sicherheit intern (Data Becker)
Digitalisieren von Dias und Negativen (dpunkt) Download DVD
Scanning Negatives and Slides (rockynook) Download DVD
The VueScan Bibles (rockynook)

sascha steinhoff
domagkweg 25
30627 hannover